Use cases

Cigna- Establishing the case for improved consumer health behavior

Cigna’s 2014 study demonstrated that incentives improve health, while also making healthcare more affordable. According to Cigna, 50% of medical expenses are related to unhealthy weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and other conditions. Cigna cites “that incentives reduce the total medical cost by approximately 10% for those 50+ years of age or with chronic conditions” and “engagement improvement was as high as 30% for populations with chronic conditions”


Consumer-Driven Health Plans, have been found to be more effective than traditional plans in reducing total medical cost


John Hancock and The John Hancock Vitality Solution

The Vitality solution rewards clients for healthy living. The John Hancock Vitality program aims to improve the health of its members, families and the wider community by providing up to $600 is savings per year, rewarding healthy food purchase and providing relevant, simple information about food choices.


United Health Integrates Apple Watch Into Wellness Incentives

Steve Nelson, CEO of UnitedHealth believes that the integration of Apple Watch devices can further aid wellness improvements already observed within the UnitedHealthcare Motion program.

“UnitedHealthcare Motion is part of our consumer-focused strategy that is driving toward a simple, integrated, mobile-centric ecosystem that delivers value to consumers,” Nelson said in a press release sent to journalists.

“Smart watches and activity trackers stand alongside transparency in physician selection and medical costs, easy virtual visits with health care professionals, and digital coaching and online wellness programs, all of which are designed to support consumers in enhancing their health and improving how they navigate the healthcare system.”

Currently, UnitedHealthcare Motion participants average between 8,000 and 10,000 steps daily. Sixty-five percent of participants sustain wellness engagement over 18 months and 68 percent of eligible members participate in UnitedHealthcare Motion.

Members have collectively walked 180 billion steps and earned $30 million in wellness incentives since UnitedHealthcare Motion’s launch. Read more at


Impact of employer dollars invested/ROI

This is challenging. Lifestyle management component wellness plans are yielding i.e. $0.50 for every dollar invested. Disease management is ROI is around $3.80, overall combined wellness ROI $1.50