Larry van der Veen

Larry has spent fifty years in Information Technology as an applied software engineering manager, professional consultant, chief technologist, and senior manager of broad-based IT and technical support groups.  His engineering management and software development competence had at its foundation twenty-five years of programming and development management for NASA's Pioneer Venus project and consulting engagements to develop and deploy mission critical business applications and their underlying platforms.  Participating as a senior executive, he has managed large groups, ranging to 200 people focused on providing technical services to external and internal customers.  The roles that Larry have managed include IT, Software Engineering, Service Operations, and consultancy practices for companies including CoinFlip, Medagate, Wired Benefits Inc., Accor Services USA, WebTV, Lotus Development (Vanguard Business Solutions), Pyramid Technology, Data General, Fortune, GRiD Systems, Digital Equipment, and Compression Labs. 


With the rapid growth of internet and wireless related companies, Larry provided IT and operations management within many venture start-ups, assuming leadership of IT, service operations, engineering, and projects office organizations.  Recent experiences with CoinFlip Solutions (role as CTO), Medagate (acquired by InComm), Wired Benefits, Wired Commute LLC (acquired by Accor Services USA), WebTV (acquired my Microsoft), and Vanguard Business solutions (acquired by Lotus Development) have proven his skills in understanding requirements and building organizations and systems to support front-line service and back-office systems strategic imperatives.  


Among his accomplishments are the following highlights:

  • Developed and deployed fully functioning IT organizations supporting service delivery to external and internal customers for eight start-up companies 

  • Managed large service-oriented organizations that included the roles of information services, technical services, field engineering, systems engineering and marketing support for both large and small companies

  • Chief technology architect for four successful start-up companies; three providing customer large-scale client server applications to the financial industry and the other providing Application Service Providers with specialized service platforms

  • Established and operated profitable services organizations for six systems manufacturers (DEC, Data General, GRiD Systems, Fortune Systems, Compression Labs, Pyramid Systems)

  • Managed large scale software development project teams within highly technical space exploration programs

  • Highly practiced business process reengineering consultant, contributing to redesign of major banking customer service applications

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