Customized bundles

 UN1FY can support regionally unique benefits bundles by partnering employers, grocers and other health related merchants into one regionally unique program 

Bundled incentives

UN1FY can combine virtual currency and member savings programs per member, per unique plan. 

Health systems

Partner with grocers and other regional business to create a regional health network that drives healthier behavior and improves outcomes. UN1FY has the ability to combine consumer incentives into one “wallet” encouraging individuals to make improved lifestyle and consumer choices.


Case studies show that employees engage in their healthcare when incentives and wellness plans exist. Reduce healthcare cost through improved employee behavior using the UN1FY platform to motivate employees to make improved lifestyle and consumer choices.

Group insurance providers

Gain a competitive edge with employers by utilizing Unify capabilities to create unique wellness membership programs that incentivize employees to engage in healthier behavior, driving improved outcomes through improved lifestyle choices.

Self-insured Group Health Plans

Utilize the UN1FY platform, in partnership with community grocers and businesses, to create a unique benefit bundle that incentivizes healthier consumer choices by employees.