About us

CoinFlip is a retail technology company with a proven track record of building and scaling large retail technology networks in the promotions and electronic health benefits management space. The "point of sale to cloud" transaction platforms that we have created currently transact billions of dollars of revenue in the grocery, drug, and mass retail channels. 

Our payment technology platform makes it possible to navigate the complex retail technology ecosystem while delivering an optimal experience for customers and enabling companies to execute, measure, and optimize their savings, benefits, and loyalty programs like never before.

We help clients deliver real value to their customers by making electronic benefits "spendable" at the point of sale - easily and securely.

Our Solutions


Regulated Spend

Points & Rewards

Solution Components

  • Real-Time Data Capture & Verification
  • Point of Sale Connectivity
  • Loyalty-Link
  • ISO8583 Integration
  • Post-transaction settlement and savings (Receipt Scan and Tlog processing)
  • Shopper & Wallet Management
  • Benefit Management Portal
  • Offer Management Portal
  • Funds Settlement
  • Reporting/Analytics