• The Coinflip platform, UN1FY, enables consumers to execute healthy, preventive care behaviors.

    These behaviors are initiated by healthcare companies for their members through a multitude of "Outcomes Oriented" programs designed to drive healthy life decisions all while capturing relevant impact data.

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The UN1FY Platform facilitates aggregation and spending of a shopper's currency derived from

Insurance Plans pay cash to shoppers for performing a preventive health task, they spend it using Points Club Rewards Card.

Mary is insured by United Health. United Health sends Mary an email telling her that if she gets her A1C checked in the next 30 days, she will receive $30 to spend on over-the-counter items on her next trip to HEB. Mary needs to link her United Health ID to her HEB Points Club Rewards Card to utilize her funds.

Insurance benefit administration, enabling shoppers to spend $30/mo on specific UPC's at your store by using their Points Club Rewards Card.

As part of her United Health Benefits, Mary receives a $30 budget every month that she can spend on @ 10,000 UPC's that are approved by United Health. Mary links her United Health ID to her HEB Points Club Rewards Card, and on her next trip to HEB, Mary saves $12.50 on NyQuil and Bandaids, which were (2) of the qualifying UPC's approved by United Health. Mary's balance is now $17.50 for future purchases.

Insurance Plans provide promotional dollars for Health & Wellness offers, loaded to the Points Club Rewards Card.

As a preventive measure against obesity, United Health elects to provide promotional offers for health and wellness related products, such as fruits, vegetables, and certain OTC products. These offers are made available to Mary via the United Health portal, and offers are automatically loaded to her HEB Points Club Rewards Card. Mary saves automatically on her next trip to HEB when she swipes her card.

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CoinFlip is a retail technology company that built the first cloud-based rules and adjudication engine and integrated it with loyalty platforms and retailer POS systems.

Our payment technology platform makes it possible to navigate the complex retail technology ecosystem while delivering an optimal experience for customers and enabling companies to execute, measure, and optimize their savings, benefit, and loyalty programs like never before.

We help clients deliver real value to their customers by making electronic benefits 'spendable' at the point of sale - easily and securely.

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Deliver a world class payment platform that connects consumers, retailers and funding sources delivering unparalleled value for all.




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