• CoinFlip enables electronic benefits to be applied as payments at the point of sale - easily and securely.

    We provide a seamless flow of currency between program managers, shoppers and retailers.

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Our Solutions


Provide value-add to your customers by offering real-time discounts on hundreds of brand name and private label products in national, regional, and local grocery stores.

Regulated Spend

Create custom catalogs and multi-purse programs leveraging our payment network to attract and retain your member base.

Points & Rewards

Enable your customer's freedom to convert points or miles into real-time spend at grocery stores.

About us

CoinFlip is a retail technology company that built the first cloud-based rules and adjudication engine and integrated it with loyalty platforms and retailer POS systems.

Our payment technology platform makes it possible to navigate the complex retail technology ecosystem while delivering an optimal experience for customers and enabling companies to execute, measure, and optimize their savings, benefit, and loyalty programs like never before.

We help clients deliver real value to their customers by making electronic benefits “spendable” at the point of sale - easily and securely.

Our mission

Deliver a world class payment platform that connects consumers, retailers and funding sources delivering unparalleled value for all.




Dollars Unlocked


Retail Revenue


Annual Increased Shopper Spending

Meet the team

We work with great companies and programs

Latest News

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